Patio Furniture Cushions & Pads Size and Style Selection

With scores of cushion styles and sizes on our website, finding the right one can be a challenge! Here’s what you need to know…


Edge Style

There are three basic edge styles for most cushions…

knife edgeKnife edge cushions have a seam along the center of each side, and the fabric rolls around the front edge. Corners are finished with a box seam. Some have a “butterfly” corner. Knife edge cushions are the least cost of the three styles.



boxed edgeBoxed cushions are constructed with a strip of fabric around the edges that join the top layer and the bottom layer, to form a neat, square (box) edge. The edge fabric is adjusted to the thickness of the fill. Some customers prefer these to welted edges, because they feel the welting under their thighs when sitting.



boxed & weltedBoxed & Welted cushions are similar in construction to boxed edge, with the addition of welting (a cord, or piping) sewn into the top and bottom seams. This makes for a very nice, higher end look. Boxed and welted cushions are the most expensive type of construction.



NOTE: Each collection of cushions on our website is grouped primarily by the type of furniture they are most commonly used on. So start your search based upon your type of furniture. However, there is no reason why you can’t use a collection on a different type of furniture! Just find the style you like and then look for the right size…



Cushion sizingCushion Sizes

You will find the dimensions of each “standard” cushion shown as shown here. In this example, the cushion width is 22″ and its TOTAL length (a hinged cushion laid out flat) is 44″. The total length is then divided up as seat 20″ and the back is 24″. Cushions that have no hinge, such as a seat pad will only have two dimensions. The thickness is either described on the page or shown in the description of the item.

If you need instructions on how to measure your cushions before you order, click this button after reading the final step below.

How to measure cushions



Placing Your Order

Once you have determined your cushion style, you need to find the nearest style & size match. A half inch plus or minus is no problem — cushions are very forgiving! However, it is better to order slightly larger than smaller. Once you have your measurements, you can order your cushions.

Here are the steps:

  1. Navigate to the STYLE of cushion you want, based on the type of furniture you have.
  2. If your cushion size is shown, simply click on the “Add to Cart” button, and it will be added to the shopping cart.
  3. If you don’t find a size close enough to your measurements, you will need to order a custom size. Simply click the “Change Size” button. If there is no “Change Size” button, that means customizing is not allowed for that cushion.
  4. The item is now in the shopping cart, where you can enter your measurements, fabric selection and quantity.


Next: How to select a fabric…

How to select fabrics


If you can’t find a cushion style on our website that’s similar to your own, just fill in our Custom Cushion Quote Request Form