Customer Care: Replacement Patio Chair Cushions


Simply Put, We Care

To prove it, take a look at all the customer comments that we brought over from our old website!


This page has links to a number of other pages that you may find helpful.


Custom Cushion Quote Request Form

quote formDo you have cushions that aren’t the same size as any we have?

Chances are that even one of the cushion styles we carry can be modified to meet your needs. If one of our items is close to what you need, look for the red text that says “Remember, we can customize almost any cushion! If you can’t find the size you need, click on the next largest size below, then go to “Related Items” at the bottom of that page to find a similar cushion that you can customize.

But if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please fill in the quote request form on this page and we’ll take care of you.



Helpful Videos

videosThey say a picture speaks a thousand words. If this is true, then video screams out loud!

We have a bunch of short, helpful videos for you. Learn all about fabrics and how and why they are graded. Learn how our cushions are constructed. Watch profesionals replace slings and vinyl strapping. You can even take a tour of our factory.




Frequently Asked Questions

help iconWe get asked the same questions every day!

So we thought, why not answer them before you ask? On our Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ), you’ll probably find the answers to most of the questions you have. We have answers to questions about cushions, fabrics, vinyl strap, slings, ordering, shipping, and even about our business policies and procedures. Take a look.



How to Measure Your Old Cushions

tape measureOne of the most important things you need to do before ordering replacement cushions is to measure your old ones first.

If it’s not done right, you may be disappointed when you receive you new ones. We don’t want you to be disappointed — we want you to be happy! That’s why we’ve provided some great instructions for measuring, together with images to make it easy to understand.



Gold Customer Club

gold barsWe think all our customers are special!

But if you want a bit of extra-special treatment, we invite you to join our Gold Customer Club. There’s no cost or obligation, and you can opt out at any time.

Perhaps the best benefit is an instant coupon for new club members. But don’t hang around here — go see for yourself!