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Fabric Slings for Patio Furniture

Replacement slings can make your outdoor furniture like new again!

Over time, the fabric slings in patio furniture become baggy or even tear due to UV sunlight damage. This applies to slings in all types of outdoor patio, pool or lawn furniture, even though the fabrics are specifically made for outdoor use. Some last longer than others, but eventually they will need to be replaced.

With some outdoor furniture, by the time the slings are due for replacement, so are the chair frames! But in many cases the frames have years of life left in them, and all that needs to be done is replace the fabric slings.


What Type of Fabric Sling Do You Need?


Cushion Slings are the type
used to support cushions.

Cushion sling in PVC dinette chair

They are always a grade A mesh vinyl fabric, and they are available in 20 or so solid colors. There are many styles and shapes of cushion slings, and we will need you to send us a sample of each different type you need.

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Seating Slings are the type
that you sit or lie on directly.

Sling patio furniture set

No cushion is used with seating slings. They are made from a firmer, tighter weave fabric, always a grade B vinyl, and come in many colors and patterns. We can make seating slings from the measurements you provide us.

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"I just wanted to send a Thank you for the tremendous job you did making me new slings for my patio.

We have had a great deal of compliments on how nice our chairs look and we have given your name out to a few people. Hopefully word will spread on what a great job you do. Thanks again"

Susan Belsher                                                                       [ more...]

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